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An ode to party political press releases

Callum Macdonald

This is an astonishing intervention
A spectacular u-turn
A staggering humiliation
We can exclusively reveal
That our bungling opponents
Have fallen asleep at the wheel
Families up and down the country
Will not forget
This betrayal of trust
And it will be at the polling station
Where they express their disgust
Let us be clear:
The cat is out of the bag
The mask has well-and-truly slipped
Ministers have dropped the ball
It’s no wonder poll ratings have dipped
Time and again
Working households have been sold down the river
No ifs, no buts
It’s time to deliver
Voters will be deeply concerned
At politicians so inept and fickle
Who say one thing but then
Rollover at the drop of a hat for a tickle
Now more than ever
It’s time to get back around the negotiating table
Put aside the rhetoric
And prove who’s strong and stable

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