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Brexit in brief

Henry Anderson

This week’s Brexit developments:

  • Brace for impact. The UK Government published 25 of the 70 promised technical papers on preparations for a no deal Brexit, covering sectors like farming, nuclear safeguards and taxation. David Lidington claimed the Scottish Government had been consulted over the notices while Dominic Raab said they would promote the “smooth continued functioning” of business and public life in the UK in the event of no deal. However, Mike Russell warned they would lead to additional bureaucracy and a “no deal Brexit nightmare”. He again called on the UK Government to rule out a no deal scenario and commit to staying in the Single Market and Customs Union.  
  • ‘Queuing up for trade deals’. Liam Fox launched the UK Government’s new Export Strategy earlier, with the aim of boosting the proportion of GDP made up by exports to 35%. He plans to achieve this through collaboration with businesses, targeted support for businesses of all sizes looking to export and a push to connect potential exporters with overseas buyers. The Secretary of State claimed it was important the UK “set [its] sights high” as it left the EU.
  • More, please. The post-Brexit immigration system should drop the net migration target and recognise the importance of low-skilled workers, a Centre for Cities report recommended. Noting that cities attract the majority of migrants, the think tank argued for a minimum two-year transition period in the case of no deal so that disruption can be minimised while a new system is devised.
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