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Brexit in brief

Alasdair McKillop

Another referendum? Just under half of people in Scotland want a referendum on the Brexit deal, according to a new poll for the People’s Vote campaign. The research suggested 48% of respondents were in favour of the idea, with 31% opposed. It also found that 66% of Scottish voters (excluding ‘don’t knows’) support staying in the EU, compared with 62% who voted for remain in the referendum. According to the poll, Labour supporters in Scotland now favour another referendum by 64% to 21% and SNP voters support a new vote 66% to 18%. The People’s Vote campaign will hold a rally in Edinburgh tomorrow.

Fishing for ideas. Nicola Sturgeon addressed a summit about the effect of Brexit on Scotland's fishing and seafood sector. Fergus Ewing also attended the meeting in Edinburgh. Stakeholders from the fishing, processing and aquaculture industry, as well as environmentalists, port authorities and people from the food and drink sector, were represented. Speaking ahead of the meeting, Fergus Ewing said the summit was an opportunity to hear the seafood sector’s concerns about Brexit and would “also help us shape our national discussions around the future of fisheries management in Scotland”.

Unhealthy Brexit. The BMA warned a no deal Brexit would have “potentially catastrophic consequences” for the NHS in a new briefing which explored the threat. Areas of key concern included the workforce and immigration, access to medicines, patient safety, and medical research. Earlier in the week, the SNP claimed the UK Government’s approach to Brexit increased the likelihood of the NHS being privatised.

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