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Brexit in Brief

Henry Anderson

This was an all-action week when it came to Brexit, culminating in the dramatic rejection of Theresa May’s Chequers plans by the EU 27:

  • Salz In The Wounds: Theresa May travelled to Salzburg to personally appeal to the EU heads of state to back Chequers, only to be told her plan “will not work”. This might have marked the end of the proposals hammered out at her country estate, but the embattled Prime Minister stood by her plan today and stated the EU had “demanded the unacceptable”. For its part, the EU is arguing the onus is now on the UK to revise its approach. EU Council President, Donald Tusk, said October is the “moment of truth” for concluding the withdrawal agreement and avoiding a no deal.
  • Freedom!!! Of Information: Scotland’s wide-ranging Freedom of Information laws have been used to uncover the Scottish Government’s Brexit contingency plans. Largely focused on aviation and exports, the document outlines details on current agreements and potential alternatives. Switzerland, which is closely linked to but outside of the EU, appears a lot in the papers, in reference to aviation and overland transport agreements.
  • A Grim Business: Small business confidence in Scotland has slid as fears of a no deal Brexit mount, according to the FSB. In the third quarter of 2018 confidence in Scotland fell “sharply”, from +5.1 points to -13.2, a much steeper fall than elsewhere in the UK. Other figures indicated that 56% believed a no deal would affect them negatively and 31% are planning to reduce investment ahead of Brexit. The group said the fall was “unsurprisingly given the very public debate about the future of the UK outside of the EU”. 

Henry is a Parliamentary Reporter at Newsdirect. Alongside covering Scottish Parliament committees, reports and news, he also leads the team’s Westminster monitoring.

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