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Five Things Happening This Week

David Wilson

  • P1 tests - the saga continues: Opposition to assessments for P1 pupils is building. Despite calls for them to be scrapped, John Swinney and the Scottish Government continue to tout the tests’ academic benefits. This could all come to a head on Wednesday as the Conservatives lead a parliamentary debate on the issue (after previously supporting P1 assessments when they were first launched). Could this be the beginning of the end or just a load of child’s play? Either way, this debate it set to be a real bruiser.
  • Brexit updates: With only six months to go until the UK leaves the EU, you might be wondering how it’s all going? Whitehall has published further guidance and updates on a no deal Brexit scenario and tonight Panorama will air a documentary about the negotiations featuring an interview with Theresa May. Will the PM and her plans come over as strong and stable? You’ll have to tune in to find out!
  • Keeping up with the Committees: It’s another busy week for parliamentary committees as we get firmly back into the swing of things following recess. The summer break will seem a distant memory to many MSPs as Thursday’s Equalities & Human Rights Committee hears evidence on raising the age of criminality, while Health & Sport Committee members will be asking questions about the Health and Care (Staffing) Bill on Wednesday. The Education & Skills Committee will be talking all things school as members look at curriculum and attainment trends from the 2018 Exam Diet. Will it turn into a retelling of The Breakfast Club? Probably not, but it’s still worth a watch.
  • Conference chat: The Labour Party’s Annual Conference starts on Sunday in Liverpool. Like most big family gatherings, things might get a little awkward as MP reselection looks like it will be a big feature at this year’s event. Other than a bit of family drama, Brexit looks set to be the dominant feature as Sadiq Khan and local Labour parties try to force Jeremy Corbyn into backing a fresh public vote or a new general election. Let’s all hope it goes smoothly and dogs are kept on a leash...
  • And finally: During Wednesday’s Members’ Business debate, MSPs will celebrate BBC Alba’s 10th birthday. Donald Cameron’s motion claims over £160m has been invested in producing its Gaelic language content - that’s a lot of shinty that’s been covered since 2008. Co-là-breith math, BBC Alba!
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