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With the election campaign in full swing, MSPs are no longer MSPs and many candidates will be scaling back the day job to spend more time engaged in the persuasion of voters. If you haven't already been in contact, then now's the time. We have 519 candidates currently listed in our Candidate Tracker and we've been working since September to ensure that it is the most comprehensive listing of candidates and contacts available.  Nominations close on Friday 1st April at 4pm and we'll be working over the weekend to include any new information into our sheet by Monday 4th April.

Our Tracker will give you all the candidate names, email addresses and social media details in one handy Excel spreadsheet. Contact details are easy to merge into documents or emails and there's a separate page for each region, showing constituency candidates and regional candidates in a nice colourful arrangement. The cost is £250 + VAT and a further £100 + VAT will ensure you also get the MSP contact sheet following the election. That document will be updated free of charge over the summer until all constituency and parliamentary contacts are in place.

To order a copy - get in touch with Kirsty or Cara on 0131 557 9999 and we'll send over an order form.  Our colleagues in Wales are also producing the same information for the Welsh Assembly elections on the same day. 

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