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Local Elections 2017: Need to Know Numbers

Cara McLean

Having tracked all the candidates throughout the campaign, we plan to have the first Scotland-wide listing of the newly-elected councillors and their interim contact details available following the vote on May 4th. Subscribers will receive free updates until July as ruling groups, leadership positions and official contacts are confirmed.

With the Local Government elections taking place across Scotland tomorrow, we do some number crunching ahead of the vote...

There are 2,572 candidates standing across 32 local authority areas, with 1,789 men and 783 women contesting 1,227 available seats.

Figures from Women 5050 show there are no female candidates in 21 wards, with the highest proportion of female candidates found in West Lothian (41%) and East Ayrshire (40%). Orkney (20%), Moray (20%) and the Western Isles (10%) were found to have the lowest proportion of females standing.

There are THREE uncontested wards, after the number of candidates put forward for those areas failed to exceed the number of seats available. South Kintyre in Argyll & Bute, Stromness & South Isles in Orkney and Shetland South in Shetland Islands. This means elections will not take place in those wards and the candidates will become councillors on 4th May.

209 candidates will fight it out for the 85 seats on Glasgow City Council while only 29 are vying for the 21 seats in Shetland that will be contested (discounting the 3 candidates guaranteed posts in Shetland South).

Following polling, counting will get underway on Friday morning from 08:00, with the first results expected to come in around 11:00 (Orkney). The last results are expected to be available into the evening, from Highland, with a steady stream from across the country in between.

Following the last election, no party secured overall control of 26 of the 32 local authorities, and we can expect discussions on potential for ruling partnerships to get underway soon after results are known. Going by previous arrangements, perhaps the one thing you could say is not to count anything out in terms of parties (and independents) working together, or not.

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