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The Week Ahead in 60 Seconds

Eilidh Carmichael

If you opened this expecting a meaty rundown of activity similar to last week, I have some great news for you: IT’S RECESS!

What activity is taking place isn’t even happening in Scotland. David Mundell is spending the week in Burma and Singapore promoting Scottish businesses, while a delegation from the Scottish Parliament and Government are in North America for Scotland Week. Led by the First Minister, expect to see a fair bit of tartan splashed across this week’s newspapers along with a series of more weighty announcements. Already the First Minister has announced that three US firms will invest £6.3m in Scotland’s data analytics and life sciences sectors and a research firm will invest an extra £3.8m in Edinburgh, with the creation of 12 new jobs. All these investments result from Scottish Enterprise grants. The FM will be splitting her time between California, while she is expected to sign a joint climate agreement with the Governor, and New York, where she will address the Women in the World Annual Summit. Expect the eyes of the world to be more closely focused on the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Lena Dunham, Justin Trudeau and of course Hillary Clinton. The combination of the two events is likely to be seen as a snub to President Trump, with reports suggesting the First Minister’s team won’t be holding any talks with the administration. The FM is also due to give a keynote address at Stanford on Scotland’s Place in the World and address the UN on her government’s work to support women in conflicts.

The First Minister isn’t the only Scotland Week participant though. The Presiding Officer and Committee Conveners Clare Adamson and Edward Mountain will in Winnipeg, Ottawa and New York representing the Scottish Parliament. The Presiding Officer has meetings with the Canadian Senate, House of Commons and the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in his schedule. Clare Adamson will be discussing lobbying and parliamentary reform in her role as Standards, Procedures & Public Appointments Committee Convener, while Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee Convener Edward Mountain’s engagements will be focused on agriculture.

The full delegation will be at the Tartan Day parade on Saturday before returning home to enjoy the second week of recess.

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