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The week ahead in 60 seconds...

A truncated week of Scottish Parliament business as we canter towards another polling day on Thursday.

The Economy, Jobs & Fair Work Committee meets in private on Tuesday morning to consider a draft of the inquiry report on the gender pay gap. For a summary of the key themes raised in evidence, read Aidan's excellent blog on the issue. MSPs on the Justice Committee will continue their evidence taking on the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill, hearing from Police Scotland and the Crown Office/PF Service. And finally, on Tuesday morning, witnesses will be invited to "roll up, roll up" to give evidence on the Scottish Government bill proposing a ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. The panellists will include animal health experts to be followed by circus representatives, including the proprietor of "An Evening With Lions and Tigers". Oh my.

Tuesday's topical questions are on prevention of terrorism, freedom of information and the closure of police control rooms. The very role and purpose of the Crown Office and PF Service will be at the heart of Tuesday's plenary with an all-afternoon debate on the Justice Committee's inquiry report. This report was the result of over 5 months of evidence-taking and made a significant series of recommendations. Read more in the executive summary of the committee report.

Just one Committee meeting on Wednesday when Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee commences evidence-taking on the Forestry & Land Management (Scotland) Bill. Following this they will have an opportunity to question Humza Yousaf on the National Transport Strategy which could draw in a wide range of key constituency and regional topics.

First Minister's Questions will take place on Wednesday at 1.30pm and will be followed by General and Portfolio Questions with Decision Time at 3.15pm.

Just one Members' Business debate this week (on Tuesday) on the campaign to compensate householders for Green Deal installations which were of substandard quality. This issue, which has particularly affected communities around Glasgow, was the topic of a hard-hitting resolution at the SNP's spring conference. Tuesday's debate will be led by Ivan McKee MSP.

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