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This Week in 60 Seconds

Eilidh Carmichael

Usually when compiling these blogs our focus is on the proceedings of the Parliament, but if you’re going to look no further than this paragraph (which I strongly suggest you don’t) then the main thing you need to know isn’t there at all. On Friday, the SNP is expected to release – after so long a wait it’s been possible to forget and remember its existence multiple times – the findings of its Growth Commission. The 400-page report is expected to back the case for a Scottish currency in the event of independence and with its publication to kick-start the campaign for another referendum. Don’t hold your breath for a date to go to the polls though, the FM says that’s something she won’t be considering until “autumn”.


In Parliament, it’s much more a case of business as usual, with tomorrow afternoon dedicated to a Government debate on the disability employment gap. The Economy, Jobs & Fair Work Committee will hear from Keith Brown on its economic performance inquiry – likely the last evidence session before its report is published. Though it’s only May, the Health & Sport Committee is kicking off its evidence sessions on next year’s budget. Other committees won’t be far behind because new powers for the Scottish Parliament have extended the process from that in years gone by.


On Wednesday, the Conservatives will set the agenda for the afternoon’s debates. They are holding two short sessions: one on education and the other on housing. We don’t have the text for those motions yet, but we’d take a stab that the education session will return to Ruth Davidson’s FMQs exchange last week on subject choice and the housing session may well be off the back of Kevin Stewart’s appearance before the Local Government & Communities Committee last week. That is 100% speculation though! The Committee itself has moved on from that session and is set for a meaty meeting (if you excuse the expression) with two panel discussing, respectively, alcohol licensing and greenspace.


As we head into Thursday the focus is still with the Local Government & Communities Committee, who’ll lead the afternoon’s debate. It’s on the Scottish Government’s updated National Outcomes and other committee conveners and members are likely to contribute as a number considered the outcomes and reported back to Bob Doris and the rest of the committee. If you want a head start you can read the Committee’s report here.


Of course the main draw on Thursday is and always will be FMQs. As far as subjects go, we reckon you could be hearing quite a bit of speculation about that currency report…

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