The ups and downs of life as an MSP

Following eleven hours of Brexit debate, 231 amendments and one birthday celebration, Bruce Crawford jumped for joy and bounced into the weekend.

New dress code at Holyrood?

There were some excellent costumes donned by MSPs this week: to celebrate Earth Hour Scotland Ken Macintosh set out to address the elephant in the room, while Claudia Beamish gets 10/10 for commitment. Jamie Greene also got involved in the action and used St Patrick’s Day celebrations to show off his ability to effortlessly transform into a clover (and a leprechaun?).

Music to their ears

Have you ever wondered what your MSPs are listening to? Well, there has been some fascinating musical insights recently: Clare Adamson has been quoting Carly Simon’s 1972 classic, Alton Midnight MSP (aka Neil Findlay) has declared his love of ska, and James Dornan has ferociously defended the musical genius of Ringo Starr.

Quite the spectacle (wearer)

To be honest, there are no words to explain this thread. You’re just going to have to read it for yourself. It seems the men of the SNP aspire to the trendy “beard and glasses” look, although despite a new pair of specs John Swinney still hasn’t quite figured out the look.

Birthday time

Twitter celebrated both Jamie Greene’s and James Dornan’s birthdays this week. The latter’s youthful appearance was questioned by fellow MSP John Mason to which James Dornan hailed himself as the 21st century’s Dorian Gray. Jamie Greene’s birthday also led to the revelation that Miles Briggs should never be trusted with buying presents.

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